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You will find some major links in the Upper Menu which lead to some web pages I have had in the past  some of which are still being used frequently.

The Royal College and ABO Exam Preparation Link leads to a website which allows residents in Ophthalmology to prepare for their upcoming examinations to become certified Ophthalmologists.  I wrote this during my fellowship year with the 5th year residents from McGill at the time assisting me.  If any current residents want to take it on themselves to revise it and bring it more up to date please contact me and I will show you how.

The Info page contains my resume and other material but needs updating as well, but that is my responsibility and I will get to it at some point I am sure.

The Wired Ophthalmologist Link is to a website I used to maintain when I was “THE WIRED OPHTHALMOLOGIST” – I used to give annual lectures sometimes to more than 400 fellow Ophthalmologists on how to use Smart Phones and PIMs long before everyone had one.  I dropped it a couple of years ago as the technology I and a few others were early adopters of are now in everyone’s hands – Mission Accomplished.


For LASIK MD Clients

If you are on this page most likely I may be your future surgeon at LASIK MD or was in the past.  For now I am not sure what you will find of interest to you here but please be aware that I am always happy to meet my patients before or after surgery.  So even if my staff seek to deter you but you would like to meet me, please push them to make it so.

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